Cabloc Raspberry & Green Coffee Bean Extract Plus Capsules


BRAND : Vitraplus
DOSAGE : Take 2-3 capsules once daily with meals


Traditionally used to reduce body weight.

Block Carbohydrates
The highly prized raspberry ketone is Cabloc’s key ingredient to prevent the breakdown of carbohydrates in our digestive system so that the excess glucose is not stored as fats in our body. In combination with the white kidney bean extract, these two ingredients play a vital role to reduce the carbohydrate absorption which causes weight gain.
The gymnema leaves extract in Cabloc suppresses the activation of sugar molecules in our taste buds and delays the glucose absorption to avoid excess storage as fats.

Burn Fats
In addition to blocking carbohydrates, Cabloc also contains green coffee bean extract, a tested source to inhibit fat accumulation and absorption into our body while boosts glucose and fat metabolism rate in our liver, burning more fats and support lean body mass for weight loss.

High in Nutrition
As our body needs essential nutrients for daily activities, the Pricky Pear Cactus Stem extract found in Cabloc is highly nutritional in minerals and vitamins to keep our diet balanced.



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